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Scientifc dating

The scientific model of evolution, in summary, includes the scientific evidence for a gradual emergence of present life kinds over aeons of time, with emergence of complex and diversified kinds of life from simpler kinds and ultimately from nonliving matter.

The creation model questions vertical evolution, which is the emergence of complex from simple and change between kinds, but it does not challenge what is often called horizontal evolution or microevolution, which creationists call genetic variation or species or subspecies formation within created kinds.

As early as the 1950s, foreign researchers were turning to carbon-14 dating.The device is the first to provide rapid, point-of-care measurement of the immune ...— A new scorpion-milking robot designed to extract venom could replace the traditional manual method.This impact pamphlet was written by a scientist, and a science educator, and reviewed by an attorney, to provide a brief summary of the scientific evidence supporting creation.The text materials and references listed at the end together give a more thorough discussion of this scientific evidence.

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There are also seminars and audiovisuals for training teachers to offer both models of origins.

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