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“A solar field won’t come even close to that.” Bullish solar advocates are quick to point to a January report from the Department of Energy that said more than 370,000 people were employed in solar in 2016 compared to around 160,000 in coal. Jessie Audette Muniz, senior director of project development for Apex Clean Energy, said that construction of a solar plant would employ about 750, but operation would only take about 45 workers.

“It’s a function of this type of technology,” she said.

(Photo by Amber Brown/Courtesy SRP) WASHINGTON – Solar power advocates say a 250-megawatt renewable-energy facility could be in place in time for the late-2019 closure of the Navajo Generating Station, if permitting and construction began right away.

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She said the plant would generate revenue through lease payments on the land needed for a solar field and have a “low resource impact in an area that’s been severely impacted by coal generation.” A 250-megawatt plant capable of producing 500 gigawatt hours of energy a year would generate land-lease payments of $500 to $600 per acre per year, Muniz said, which could total about $1.1 million a year.