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They are not together with the women of their dreams and instead of having sex with gorgeous women they waste their time with porn movies.They choose the path of least resistance because they have given up.Watch our FREE video with the 10 biggest mistakes guys make on Tinder and when texting women.The uncomfortable truth is that 99% of men are not successful with women.This is so good I had to share it with you right away. He’s also known for his “direct” style of Love Systems.My friend and colleague Josh Farmer has amazing skills with women. He’s more of a Jeremy Soul type – he meets women during the day. Even on the street – if a beautiful woman walks by who he wants to meet, he doesn’t just stand there and wonder what might have been. He doesn’t come in “under the radar.” He makes his intentions known right away. A little while ago, Josh Farmer logged onto The Attraction Forums every day, sometimes a few times a day, to answer questions about Day Game and Direct Game.

It's when you realize there's room for improvement. These experiences are essential for your self-development, but your ego doesn't care about that.

If you truly were a high value guy, you wouldn't need her approval or a great reaction.

Body language is difficult to fix in writing and it is why bootcamps and workshops are such great value, you get to see how you should move and stand in person (Cajun and Vercetti do a great job on video in the Beyond Words Body Language Home Study Course as well).

He uses the proven Love Systems approach – the time-tested techniques that let average guys like you and me attract and date beautiful women we’d never get otherwise. The Attraction Forums are free, and the Q&A is as well. While you're checking that out, I wanted to get you started with some of the must-have info that can fix common mistakes men make with women – mistakes most guys don’t even know they are making. A lot of times, a guy will deliver a direct opener in a reaction-seeking way.

To do this is incongruent - you are trying to show you are a high value guy who has no shame and problem with expressing his desire for her, but at the same time you are expecting her to give you the reaction you want.

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But generally, guys need to have VERY GOOD body language for a direct approach, otherwise, again, you will come across as incongruent, and incongruence is weird to women.

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