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Brandeis’ liberal reputation continues with its active GLBTQA student group, Triskelion.

The group branches off into Trans Brandeis (transgender issues), Sex and Sexualities Symposium, Shalem (LGBT Jewish students) and Queer People of Color Coalition.

Jonathan from New York: Hello, my name is Jonathan from New York.

I was wondering if I could get into any college in the entire universe with these *shitty* grades and these terrible credentials. Here goes: 5.0 GPA (on 4.0 scale); 1600 SATs; participated in every club in my high school; Started 12 new clubs/became Club President of each respective one; was Valedictorian of my class; participated in Community Service; Volunteered all over the place; Held jobs at 8 different workplaces; Wrote an amazing College Application essay; Teachers wrote excellent recommendations about me/sent those to the colleges; participated as Captain of every available high school sport team; played 4 different instruments/played in Jazz Band/Orchestra/Marching Band/Symphony Band/Choir... I'm just so worried, and I probably won't even get into the nearby Community College!!

They care about the environment, LGBT equality, vegan-friendly dining, sustainable practices, gender-neutral dorms, access to sexual health resources and transparent administrations.

In turn, these universities have shown their support.

Our admissions process continues to be holistic, thus we do not employ cutoffs for GPA or standardized test scores.

According to Inside Higher Ed, “At four-year schools, awarding of A’s has been going up five to six percentage points per decade and A’s are now three times more common than they were in 1960.” At Yale, 62 percent of grades were in the A range in the spring of 2012. Back then, a C was the grade college students received most frequently. Professors boosted students’ grades in part because if the students did too poorly, they could be shipped off to the war in Vietnam.

So don’t be concerned between those two dates if you can’t access the Common Application since it will be offline, undergoing important updates.

These updates include prompts that ask applicants to insert their specific courses and grades, the ability to upload the Personal Statement as a pdf, doc, or via Google Drive, the opportunity to delete or resend a request for a letter of recommendation to a teacher, a question changed to ‘sex’ within the profile, two additional activity types (social justice, internship), the ability for students to invite advisors to see their progress, and the addition of two new essay prompts.

Moreover the Committee deliberations were as intense and longwinded as they’ve ever been – we do not call anything ‘final’ until we’re sure we’ve admitted the best class possible, no matter what late hour the clock may strike.

There is only space for 1600 first-year students at Vanderbilt, which makes the task of filling those seats very difficult at times since we seek the students who will contribute most to the intellectual and social climate of the institution.

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Oh yeah, and my high school is ranked #1 in the entire country....

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